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They are the worst company ever to do business with. They had a nice reviews when I entered into the loan back in 2014. They are so crooked in their string you along loan closing process. They has all your information but one issue after another which is on their part prolongs your loan closing from a 30-40 day process to months of delays. Glad they closed them down in every state. We should sue, sue sue.. the @#!$ out of them. The loan officer quoted us one loan amount and the bank issued appraiser brought in a lower amount by over... Read more

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WJ Bradley had to sell our loan to LenderLive Network because they were told to leave the State of Minnesota. WJ Bradley and LenderLive Network never informed us our loan had been sold, law requires the homeowner be notified 15 days in advance of the loan transfer by both the lender transferring and the lender buying the loan but we never received notification from either. We continued to make our payments to WJ and then started getting collection cakks abd notices from LenderLive who in turn reported late payments to the credit bureaus. We... Read more

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Never been happy since working with them on a simple refi. The loan broker took too long for processing. Several times I requested all docs be sent to our because we have a renter in the house. Never followed our requests. The Lenderlive servicing website is very bad. Very clunky and many times it's not available. "check back later" Getting to the point of trying to refi again to just get away from them. Can't even check our loan online because of their *** website. Now we're wanting to do taxes and we have not received tax docs from... Read more

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I have never been their client, yet they kept sending confidential documents of other person to my email. One day I received an email from them asking to review the attached mortgage document. I replied to them that apparently there was a mistake and they sent their email to a wrong email address. They ignored it and kept sending their emails. All my attempts to let them know about the mistake failed. Finally, they sent me a survey asking me how did they do! ;). I would not even consider dealing with a company that handles sensitive documents... Read more

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Dont even know where to start! DO NOT do any business with company. They will *** in any way possible. We started our loan process in March of 2015 and didnt close till July 2015. We were waiting for house to finish being built so we had a scheduled date to close June 8th. I was was pregnant and due June 17th. They had all our info and docs needed to send to the underwriter at the end of may but failed to do so till June 15. I had the baby June 19th and we had to be out of our townhouse be june 30. Since they pissed around and didnt do their... Read more

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W.J. Bradley is the worst business I have ever dealt with. I got a loan through them and then 2 months later they changed loan service providers. I made my first loan payment to the first loan service provider (Lenderlive) and they never transferred the money to the new loan service provider (Cenlar). I started receiving threatening phone calls from a debt collector. I was never notified that the loan servicer was transferred so I had no knowledge of what was going on until I started receiving calls from the debt collector. It's been 3... Read more

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We have six mortgages with WJ Bradley which are all rental property. They recently transferred the mortgages to WJB Live Lender Network and two of the mortgages which we paid have had the payments held up between the two entities. We've spent hours on the phone with no success. My bank confirms they payment, but they have lost the money. WJ Bradley says it was transferred and we've even had to facilitate three way conversations where WJ Bradley tells WJB Live Lender the codes in which they forwarded our payment. Three months and no... Read more

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I recently got a loan through W.J. Bradley and from day one it has been a living nightmare! First, they required me to write a letter stating the reason why I wouldn't be living in the property since we allowed the previous owner a 60 day rent back. All my documentation was supposed to be sent to my current rental property address but WJ Bradley sent it to my new home address without me even knowing that I had the mail sent there. There was important documentation about my loan. Then I find out that my loan was being sold. I tried to make... Read more

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As a recent listing agent in Las Vegas, my seller and his buyer were messed with for over 6 weeks on a purchase escrow. They ignored the file until 3 days prior to closing and issued unreasonable demands to fund the loan. The seller was forced to scrape paint and have a patio cover re-painted by a Licensed Contractor. He wanted to scrape and re-paint himself to save money, however WJ Bradley in Las Vegas demanded a Licensed Contractor. One month after closing, the contractor was never paid and the buyer had to pay 150% of the repairs and... Read more

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client was advised 2 days before closing that Bradley could not close on the closing date, even though they knew of the closing date 7 weeks beforehand. Loan officer advised that 1/2 of the processors quit Bradley, resulting in delays - stay away! Lender wanted to delay the closing from 05/27 to early June, disregarding the contract date was 05/27, and that client's seller needed to close on their purchase on 05/27 - resulting in delays for at least three parties - client, their seller and their seller's seller - parties had contractors... Read more

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