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After 7 weeks of working with this company I am spinning in circles, constant headaches and now seeking therapy (I kid you not!). Not only do I have to send every thing over 4 or 5 times to 5 different people, all initially copied, after being specifically told docs work days before closing EVERY day I had a different request "last condition request" fire to put out or handle for underwriters with the SAME DOCS previously said to be acceptable!

I cut my vacation short as a single mom with kids to come home for signing 4pm 08/27/2013; after 3 p.m after emailing 2 underwriters and no response I text the Lender only to hear it wont be until 08/28.

That was confirmed with my realtor for 4p.m., 3:32 I got an email saying pushed back till 08/29...and multiple emails since making no sense between title co and them, I finally had to respond they are unprofessional and incompetent and they need to stop copying me on emails. Here I am pissed, my vacation ruined, my lease up on 31st, started slling my stuff and no clue where and how my kids and I will survice because of this crappy company!!!

I have bought 2 other houses before and if this was my 1st experience with properties I would never even consider that an option again if my life depended on it.

Monetary Loss: $1400.

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San Diego, California, United States #838323

As a former employee of WJ Bradley I can validate exactly what you went through. I was an ex loan officer and this was typical practice for them.

I worked for them for 2 years and not once did I close a purchase on time.

Whoever is posting this comment below "So your complaint is on paperwork?" - Really?

No...her complaint is not on paperwork it goes into much more detail than that. Take the time to read her complaint about the company before you make such a ridiculous comment.

Orlando, Florida, United States #741897

So your complaint is paperwork??? Interesting

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