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i am well into my third month in trying to buy a house (a hud foreclosure) with a loan i have already been approved for. whenever i think everything is done (because jami hunting tells me i'm done), she calls or emails me the next day (everyday, even weekends) to inform me that i have a new list of items she (or her "underwriter", so she claims) needs me to instantly take care of.

she continues to make me file for extentions ($400 every 2 weeks), continuous inspections ($375 - $500 each), and the house keeps getting vandalized, and she made me sign a form stating that i agree to buy the house as is, but not to worry because approval will occur this week (that was last month), and since then, the house has been broken in to or vandalized 5 times. the down payment and interest rate changes almost daily (even though she has already promised me a set interest rate and down payment). not to mention she insists on credible proof for every dollar i make and spend. she has even forced her violator ways onto my family.

my family has offered to help me with some of the expenses, but her "underwriter" won't allow it because he refuses to believe that two people who have had successful careers could possibly have that much money in their bank account (it's enough to buy a reasonable car). i have excellent credit (just under 750), as do my parents. this particular mortgage company has already done me wrong when the broker they had me use originally was handling my case in an illegal and unethical manner (yes, they made me file extentions for that too). all these extentions, because of wj bradley; all these delays, because of wj bradley.

i believe by the time it's over, the house will be in ruins and i will be broke.

i'm the seventh person in the past two years to try to buy this house; they all gave up. i have tried to go to a different mortgage company, but wj bradley has a monopoly on this particular property.

Review about: Wj Bradley Loan.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

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Why would you want to continue a closing on a house that continued to be vandalized?

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